Dominica Population 2022

Population Dominica 2022 is 72 077 people. Dominica ranks 193 in terms of population in the world - 0.0009% of all inhabitants of the Earth. The capital of Dominica is Roseau, the official currency is the East Caribbean Dollar (XCD). has used information from reliable sources. Find out the population of a country, city, district at

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Population of Dominica

72 077 people Flag of  Dominica Flag of Dominica Data in June 2022

Population rank, Life expectancy, age and total area Dominica

Population rank Dominica 72 077 people
Male population 50.9%
Female population 49.1%
Life expectancy Dominica
Life expectancy Male 73
Life expectancy Female 79.1
Median age Dominica 66 age
<15 years 22.9%
15 - 65 years 66.8%
>65 years 10.3%
Total area
Total area Dominica 750 km2 (#179 in world)
Population density 96 per km2
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⚡ When was the population counted?

The population count in Dominica was carried out in 2022.

⚡ What place does Dominica occupy in terms of population on Earth?

Dominica takes 193st place in the ranking of the population of countries on Earth.

⚡ Which city is the capital of Dominica?

The capital of Dominica is the city of Roseau with a population of 14 725 people.